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Decy 18, 2015

Western Dolpa and Mugu, Nepal. Photo Source:

Dolpo is remote, wild and considered by many to be one of the most magical and mysterious of places in the Himalaya. Linked for hundreds of years to Tibet, this region lies among the high peaks, on top of the roof of the world. Trekking here is very different from much of Nepal; oasis-like villages dot barren landscapes, scarred by deep canyons, and all beneath velvet blue skies.

Most of Dolpo and eastern Mugu are protected by the Shey Phoksumdo National Park and Buffer Zone which covers a massive 3555 km2 and is the largest such park in Nepal. Referred to as a Trans-Himalayan Ecosystem (the lower, lush valleys of the mid-hills are linked with the arid Tibetan plateau), this is a culturally and environmentally sensitive and fragile region, which demands the utmost respect and care.

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