Nepal: why a visit to this incredible country is a life-changing experience

Jany 29, 2016

Village of Nepal.

I am lucky enough to have pursued my love for travelling and I have seen some amazing places all around the world. But I have never experienced anywhere like Nepal. When you think of the country, it's hard not to associate it with the horrific earthquake in 2015 that devastated the lives and homes of so many. However, my trip enlightened me to so much more.

A close friend of mine who works for an adventure travel group called Tears For Tigers often raved about Nepal so when I told him I may be visiting to seek out a factory for my brand Serge DeNimes he decided to help plan the trip for my girlfriend Emma and me. The aims were to experience the history and culture of Nepal, visit a factory and see some of the charities set up since the earthquake.


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| Nepal is amazing place

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