Interesting Facts About Nepal Which Will Amuse You

Apry 29, 2016

Amazing Mustang with beautiful mountain parallel and barren landscape. (Photo credit: Nepal Hiking Team’s Facebook)

Tourist attraction can be increased by promoting the Everest stories at international level. The sanitation issues at the Everest Base Camp and the garbages in the area caused tremendous loss of image for the brand during the last decade. Lately, new companies have started providing helicopter rides over Mt. Everest. Though dangerous very often, helicopter rides have proven very effective for the tourist industry. Lot of developments were made in the tourism industry sponsoring these tours during Keshav Sthapit as a Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan Area. Birth Place of Buddha- Lumbini

Lumbini which is located in Bhairahawa region is a place where Siddhartha Gautam, empounder of Buddism,also known as Lord Buddha was born by the tree as a son of Yashoda, wife of King Sudhyodhana of Shakya Dynasty. Buddha later left the palace in search of enlightenment and obtain full knowledge at Gaya while sitting under the Bodhi tree.

Buddha took his new knowledge across India to China and Japan despite the resistance from the Brahmins and priests of his time. Lumbini is today visited by Buddist pilgrims from across the world. Pilgrims from Japan and China flock amidst the Ashoka Pillar where Buddha took his first seven steps after birth.

Source: huffingtonpost

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