Why I Quit Using Facebook?

Novy 29, 2015

Photo Source: http://anahop.blogspot.com

I used to rush replying back, do liking and do commenting to the post made on Facebook but I failed or ignored the people who are close to me, near me. This was not helping me to understand each other more. I was killing my quality time.

Social Media is about sharing about life and nature, our views and thoughts, our ideas. But these days, my Facebook friend mostly share articificial content, not their own but copied from somewhere else in the web. People stopped sharing their’s ideas and views, they post status criticizing and insulting others .

Sadness is decreased by sharing to our close friends and happiness is increased by sharing it with all others. But these days I share my sadness and frustration to the social media, and people do like and do comments on it instead resolving the sadness of mine. We criticize about our work and about the people we met on Facebook instead sending email or texting to relevant person or address so that he can correct himself. This type of post and share made by our social media friends makes my feeling changed temporarily. Even though the person is right but those type of post made wrong impression to others.

We trust strangers and make doubt about our own friends. If someone share, do post and comments, we blindly believe him and start doubting about ourselves and doubt about our close friends. People mostly share the content that are modified from the real one or artificially created to make it popular. This gives false information to others and we started believing on hypothetical news.

People trust the post made on Facebook more than the person close to them. People around the Facebook show false emotions, sometime it gives false impression and we ended up misunderstanding our friends.

I quit using Facebook mainly because I was not an expert user and it was not helping me to become the person what I wanted to be.

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