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Decy 03, 2015

Upper Mustang, Nepal. Photo Source:

Mustang, a land where the soul of man is still considered to be as real as the feet he walks on: a land said to be "barren as a dead deer" but where beauty and happiness abound in spite of hardship, was a part of the Tibetan Kingdom of Gungthang until 1830's. The wall city of Lo Monthang, unofficial capital of Mustang still remains a kingdom within a kingdom. The early history to Lo Monthang is embellished in myth and legend rather than the recorded fact. Mustang has maintained its status as a separate principality until 1951. The king of Lo Monthang still retains his title and he has been given the honorary rank of Colonel in the Nepal army.

Upper Mustang trek is suitable for any walker looking for something challenging and energetic. "Mustang" is a Tibetan lost valley and stands as a hidden treasure of Nepal. Trekkers can enjoy visiting the Tibetans there and the most mystic landscape. It seems that "Mustang" is totally independent as the regional king "Mustangee Raja" is still ruling the area. It does not require you to be super fit or have any previous trekking/mountaineering experience; however, a moderate level of fitness is beneficial. A pre-trip fitness campaign is recommended, as you will enjoy the experience much more.

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